Workload Trends Survey 2018 Q1

Workload Trends Survey 2018 Q1

Activity continues to decline and outlook remains weak.

The latest CECA Workload Trends Survey has found that workloads in Scotland declined again over the last quarter, with the future outlook also deteriorating.

During Q1, 38% of Scottish firms, on balance, reported a decrease in workloads on a year ago, the weakest in nearly eight years.

For a second consecutive quarter, orders declined in Q1, although 3% of Scottish firms expect workloads to increase over the next year, up from -4% in Q4.

19% of Scottish firms reported a rise in tender prices up from 4% in Q4 but lower than 51% a year earlier.

Across the full UK, while workloads are also continuing to fall, the outlook looks more positive. You can access the full 2018 Q1 Workload Trends Reports for Scotland and Great Britain below:

CECA Workload Trends Report (Scotland) 2018 Q1

CECA Workload Trends Results (Great Britain) 2018 Q1