CECA Scotland Priorities 2023-2024

What we aim to achieve

Our work is determined by the priorities and interests of our members.  Each year, the CECA Scotland Board meets to determine its focus for the year ahead.

The priorities agreed for 2023/2024 are:

Health, Safety & Wellbeing

Informing members and influencing decision makers on health, safety and wellbeing legislation and guidance arising out of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Representing members with HSE including engagement with the Site Safe Scotland Committee, Safety Groups, the Working Well Together SHAD Working Group and other bodies.

Representing members’ interests with clients/client bodies to ensure Health, Safety and Wellbeing issues and initiatives are aligned and effective.

Promoting best practice and circulating current and relevant health & safety information to the membership including details of the 2022 CECA Stop:Make a Change campaign.

Promoting initiatives and best practice to enhance both physical, financial and mental health wellbeing.

Promoting Infrastructure
Engaging at Holyrood, Westminster and with other public sector bodies on infrastructure investment.

Meeting key clients and politicians in a structured engagement programme to influence thinking around infrastructure and civil engineering in Scotland.

Procurement, Contract Conditions & Payment
Engaging with the Scottish Government, Construction Scotland, Scottish Futures Trust, local authorities, clients and other bodies to achieve a fairer, more balanced procurement process that recognises- amongst other elements – equitable risk transfer.

Promoting fair conditions of contracts and payment terms throughout the supply chain.

Attracting, Securing & Training a Diverse, World Class Workforce
Representing members’ interests with CITB, SDS, Card Schemes and SQA to ensure members recruit high calibre people and have access to focused and relevant training.

Delivering a programme of training courses aimed at all employees of CECA members that also promotes diversity within the sector.

Managing the CECA Scotland Awards “Most Promising Awards” and jointly managing the Scottish Civil Engineering Awards with ICE Scotland.

Working with others to assist members to access a programme of school engagement to promote the civil engineering sector as the career of choice for school leavers.

Assist Members in Creating a Net-Zero Society by 2045
The Scottish Government has committed Scotland to becoming a net-zero society by 2045.  CECA will work with agencies and academia to bring forward solutions to assist CECA members meet their own and their clients’ net-zero carbon aspirations.

Represent members’ interests with SEPA, Nature Scot, Zero Waste Scotland and other agencies including in the production/distribution of guidance, advice and training to assist members achieve more than just compliance with statutory regulation.

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