The Civil Engineering Contractors Association Scotland (CECA Scotland) is the representative body for companies who work day-to-day to deliver, upgrade, and maintain Scotland’s infrastructure.

With around 100 members across Scotland, CECA Scotland  represents companies who together carry out an estimated 80 per cent of all civil engineering activity in our country, in the key sectors of transport, energy, communications, waste and water.

What We Do

Few industries shape our nation in the way civil engineering does. Our members drive Scotland’s economic growth, working across the roads, rail, water and power sectors; delivering the infrastructure businesses and communities in Scotland rely on.

We stand up for the interests of our members and maintain close relationships with clients, government, colleges and representative bodies in the construction sector, to ensure our members’ expertise is shared as widely as possible.

We are proud of the work our members do and work every day to promote their achievements, to promote the exciting opportunities in our sector and to persuade decision makers to invest in infrastructure; in the building bricks of our future.

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What we aim to achieve

CECA Scotland’s priorities are shaped by our members. Every year we sit down and work out what the key challenges are in the civil engineering sector and agree what areas should be pursued over the next year. Our current priorities are:

Health & Safety 
• Representing members with HSE including engagement with the Site Safe Scotland Committee, Safety Groups, the Working Well Together SHAD Working Group and other bodies.

• Representing members’ interests in liaising with Scotland’s utility providers, road authorities and other agencies to reduce the incidence of service strikes for both safety and commercial reasons, including engagement with the Utilities Service Avoidance Group Scotland.

• Promoting best practice and circulate current and relevant health & safety information to the membership including UK wide campaigns, such as the 2018 Stop:Make a Change campaign.

Promoting Infrastructure
• Engaging at Holyrood, Westminster and other public bodies on infrastructure investment.

• Meeting key clients and politicians in a structured engagement programme to influence thinking and decision-making around infrastructure and civil engineering in Scotland.

Procurement, Contract Conditions & Payment
• Engaging with the Scottish Government, Scottish Futures Trust, local authorities, clients and other bodies to achieve a fairer, more balanced procurement process that recognises – amongst other elements – equitable risk transfer.

• Promote fair conditions of contracts and payment terms throughout the supply chain.

Attracting, Securing & Training a Diverse World Class Workforce
• Representing members’ interests with training and skills bodies, such as CITB, SBATC, SDS, CSCS  and SQA to ensure members recruit high calibre people and have access to focused and relevant training.

• Delivering a programme of training courses aimed at all employees of CECA members that also promotes diversity within the sector.

• Managing the CECA Scotland “Most Promising Awards” and jointly manage the Saltire Infrastructure Awards with ICE Scotland.

• Developing a programme of school engagement to promote the civil engineering sector as the career of choice for school leavers.

Creating a Better Environment for All
• Representing members’ interests with SEPA, SNHZWS and other agencies, including in the production/distribution of guidance to assist members achieve more than just compliance with statutory regulation.

CECA Family
We work in close partnership with CECA National , based in London, CECA Wales and CECA regions in England, ensuring that members in Scotland have a voice right across the UK.

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