Working from Home Safely

Working from Home Safely

A year ago, working at home was a novelty but for many employers and employees, it has become the new norm.

While most of us will head back to the office once the pandemic is over, homeworking is likely to continue for some time while the COVID-19 threat is with us, as social distancing requirements and other restrictions remain in place.

The Construction Industry Coronavirus Forum, of which CECA Scotland is a leading member, have therefore produce homeworking guidance and homeworking checklist to assist during this time. Health and safety is just as important when working behind a desk and we hope these guides will be helpful to CECA members and their employees.

The guidance offers employers advice and useful links about how to prepare their workforce for homeworking, while the checklist is an interactive digital PDF, designed to be filled out by employers and employees to help with health and safety when working from home.

Download the CICV Forum Homeworking Guidance and Checklist