SEPA Sector Plan for Strategic Infrastructure

SEPA Sector Plan for Strategic Infrastructure

The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency, SEPA are currently consulting on a “Sector Plan” for Strategic Infrastructure (Transport and Utilities).

This is running alongside consultations aimed at implementing similar Sector Plans for housing, chemicals manufacturing, water supply and treatment and other industries which impact upon Scotland’s environment.

The Sector Plan drive is central to SEPA’s, “One Planet Prosperity” strategy, aimed at helping communities and businesses thrive within the resources of our planet.  Changing the regulatory approach is at the core of this, with the aim not just of securing compliance but of encouraging more businesses to “go beyond environmental compliance and thrive within the resources of the planet”.

You can see more about this approach in the video below:

CECA Scotland have been actively engaging with SEPA in the development of the Sector Plan from the outset and we will continue to do so to ensure the best outcome for CECA members.

We will be submitting a collective industry response but in addition to this, we strongly encourage CECA members to review the Sector Plan and participate in the consultation, which runs until Friday 15th February 2019.

Industry feedback is central to the Sector Plan approach. You can take part in the consultation via SEPA’s online hub here.

For more details of the wider Sector Planning approach, visit SEPA’s Sector Plan website.