RHA Truck Cartel Claim

RHA Truck Cartel Claim

Claim Money Owed to You

The Road Haulage Association are currently pursuing a collective claim which might be of interest to CECA members.

EU truck manufacturers fined £3.4 Billion

The RHA “Truck Cartel Claim” relates to illegal price fixing by European truck manufacturers over a 14 year period from 1997 to 2011,  for which they were fined over £3 billion by the European Commission.

RHA Truck Cartel Claim

The RHA has started a claim for financial compensation on behalf of all truck operators. Over 4,000 operators have already signed up and another 750 have registered interest and are in the process of signing up.

Claim Money Owed To You 

CECA members may be eligible to join the collective claim.

You could obtain obtain £6,000 per vehicle leased or purchased since 1997 (second-hand vehicles included)

The claim is free to join there is no need to be an RHA member.

What does the claim cover? 

The claim covers new and second-hand rigid and tractor trucks weighing 6 tonnes and above of all makes, both purchased and leased. This may also include a large variety of site vehicles (such as dumpers etc) used in the construction industry, although the RHA will not know the full impact of the truck manufacturers’ illegal conduct until later in the legal process. You are encouraged to include all types of vehicle as part of your claim for now and precisely what is included can be sorted out later. You can join the claim even if you only purchased or leased the relevant vehicles since January 2011.

Does it cost anything to join? 

There is no cost or risk to you. By joining the claim, you agree to pay a small percentage of your compensation to an investor providing the funding.

How can I join?

It is simple to sign up and have a chance of getting an estimated £6,000 per qualifying vehicle. Just go to

You can find out more on this short video: