New Strategic COVID-19 Framework for Scotland

New Strategic COVID-19 Framework for Scotland

The Scottish Government have announced a new Strategic COVID-19 Framework for Scotland.

Read Scotland’s Strategic Framework in full here. 

Read new guidance on Scotland’s COVID-19 Protection Levels here 

The framework will comprise five protection levels. ‘Level 0’ is effectively the same level of protection as the Route Map Phase 3 measures Scotland reached in August and will act as a baseline, with four levels above that designed to apply increasing protection from the virus in areas according to prevalence, the risk to communities and the need to protect the NHS.

Levels 1, 2 and 3 will be broadly equivalent to the UK Government levels to offer some uniformity with measures south of the border. Levels will be reviewed on a regular basis.

Across all 5 levels, the First Minister was clear that construction work can continue and schools will stay open.

In the coming days the Scottish Government will engage with local government, stakeholders, economic groups and other partners, prior to a final version of the strategic framework being debated in parliament next Tuesday (27 October).

Further details on which local authority areas of Scotland will fall under which levels will be announced following discussions with directors of public health and local authorities, taking on board recommendations from the national incident management team, before coming into force on 2 November

The new Framework will be effective from 6am on Monday 2nd November. 

Additional information

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