New rules on Face Coverings

New rules on Face Coverings

From Monday 19th October, it’s now mandatory to wear a face covering in indoor communal workplaces in Scotland, which includes:


Canteens (when you’re queueing, entering or leaving)
Social spaces
Make sure you know where you need to wear a face covering. 

The guidance states that: “In workplaces (other than an early learning or school setting), you are legally obliged to wear a face covering in communal areas indoors, unless exempt. You are also advised to wear a face covering in other indoor places and where physical distancing is difficult and where there is a risk of contact within 2 metres of people who are not members of your household”.

In respect of outdoors, the guidance says: “While it is not compulsory  to wear a face covering outdoors it is recommended in crowded situations where physical distancing is not always possible”.

Read the guidance in full here