CITB Construction Skills Network report for Scotland 2018-2022

CITB Construction Skills Network report for Scotland 2018-2022

Earlier this week, the CITB published their latest Construction Skills Network report.

You can access the full GB report here.

The key points to note for Scotland are;

· Public housing is set to experience growth of 3.9% each year for the 2018-2022 period, with private housing growing at 2.9%.

· Repair and maintenance of existing buildings is also expected to grow, with a year on year average rise of 2.6%, and 1.7% for non-housing related work.

· Construction output in Scotland is projected to be stable during 2018-2022, at 0.1% average annual growth per year.

· Falls in infrastructure work will be mitigated by growth in most of the remaining sectors. In fact, if infrastructure was removed from the Scottish forecast, overall output would average growth of 1.4% a year.

· A small drop in overall employment of 0.7% per year is expected over the forecast period.

· However due to an ageing workforce, the industry will need 10,650 new construction workers (over and above Modern Apprentices) to meet demand. In particular there is a demand for construction trades supervisors, logistics and civil engineers.

A summary of the Scotland findings can be accessed below.

Construction Skills Network Scotland findings -2018