Are you ready for the new SEPA Licensing Regime?

Are you ready for the new SEPA Licensing Regime?

Changes to the SEPA licensing regime come into force on 1st September 2018 – are you ready?

A reminder to all CECA Scotland members that changes to SEPA licences for construction sites come into effect later this week.

The changes will mean that new large construction projects in Scotland will require a CAR licence and a Pollution Prevention Plan.

Does my site require a CAR licence?

A licence will be required in advance of any construction work for sites which:

  • > exceed four hectares in area
  • > contain a road or track length in excess of 5km;
  • > include any area of more than one hectare or any length of more than 500 metres on ground with a slope in excess of 25 degrees.

Full details can be found in SEPA’s CAR practical guide 

Which sites do the regulations apply to?

The changes apply to a wide range of construction projects, including house and industrial building, wind farms, forestry, transport, pipe laying, overhead pylons and hydro power schemes.  This includes any land preparation required, demolition work or ground remediation.

Pollution Prevention Plan

In addition to a CAR licence, a Pollution Prevention Plan will be required before any work commences.  This plan must be complied with onsite during the entire construction phase.

SEPA are being very clear that compliance is “non-negotiable”.

If you require further information, advice on how the changes will affect your construction project or guidance on your Pollution Prevention Plan, you should contact your local local SEPA office as soon as possible, so they can work with you to ensure that the correct authorisations are in place.

Full details of all changes can be found on the SEPA website here: