Be A DustBuster!

Be A DustBuster!

Between 17th June and 12th July, the Health and Safety Executive will be visiting construction sites across Scotland (and the rest of the UK) to check the right measures are in place to protect workers lungs from asbestos, silica and dust.

In particular, the HSE will be looking to ensure those involved with construction projects  know the risks and are planning their work accordingly, using the right controls.

You can access more information here: Construction Dust,  Manual Handling at Work , Control of exposure to Silica Dust,  On Tool Dust Extraction,  Lifting and Handling Aids.

The HSE are encouraging support for their Dustbuster campaign on social media and have produced a range of Selfie Cards which can be used to show support.

Business selfie cards – We #WorkRight

Partner selfie cards – We support #WorkRight

Individual selfie cards – I #WorkRight


It would be great to see CECA Scotland members supporting this important campaign.  If tweeting, use #Dustbuster and #WorkRight, tagging @H_S_E. If on Facebook, tag @hsegovuk and @safersites

The HSE have also produced a resource pack which they will be updating when the campaign officially launches on 10th June with new photos and videos to promote better management of health risks created by dust.

New HSE Dustbuster Campaign

For a reminder of the scale of the challenge our industry faces in tackling lung health, have another read of Bob Bradford’s blog below: