Workload Trends (Scotland) Q4

Workload Trends (Scotland) Q4

Scottish infrastructure workload in sharp decline; orders at lowest level in 7 years

The latest CECA Workload Trends Survey had found that workloads in Scotland declined over the last quarter, with the future outlook also deteriorating.

During Q4, 21% of Scottish firms reported a fall in workloads compared to a year ago.

And almost 1 in 2 Scottish civil engineering firms – 43% – reported that orders had decreased in Q4, standing at their lowest level since 2011.

For the first time in 5 years, the survey also found a drop in workloads at UK level too, with civils contractors warning that a slump in workloads on the UK’s railways are impacting on order books.

You can access the full Q4 Workload Trends Reports for Scotland and Great Britain below:

CECA Workload Trends Results (Scotland) 2017 Q4


CECA Workload Trends Results (Great Britain) 2017 Q4