Long term planning for investment in infrastructure

Long term planning for investment in infrastructure

One of the most important priorities for CECA Scotland is campaigning for more transparency on the Scottish Government’s plans for long-term investment in our social, economic and enviromental infrastructure. That’s why we have welcomed the introduction of new app which aims to provide contractors with greater visibility of  anticipated public spending on construction projects.

The Construction Pipeline Forecast Tool been developed by the Scottish Futures Trust in partnership with industry and public sector bodies. Contractors need to register for an account to view the pipeline.

Commenting on the forecast tool, Grahame Barn, CECA Scotland said:

“Scottish contractors need much greater visibility of future work in order to plan ahead and invest in the workforce so the Construction Pipeline Forecast Tool is a welcome step in the right direction.

“The platform will only be as useful as the information shared on it so we would encourage all public sector bodies in Scotland to really get behind the tool so we can ensure it is used to its full potential. The importance of having a guaranteed stream of projects in the pipeline cannot be underestimated – it’s like a shot in the arm for the construction sector and it gives companies the confidence they need to innovate and embrace new technologies to support the transition to Net Zero.

“The tool also helps focus the mind on the long-term view of the social, economic and environmental benefits of investment in infrastructure. As we emerge from the pandemic, the most effective way to kick start a sustainable recovery, create jobs and meet our climate targets is to accelerate infrastructure investment, roll up our sleeves and get to work on shovel-ready projects.”


Photo by Shane McLendon on Unsplash