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“Ken Yer Bairns” – Webinar 1: Understanding Motivation

May 19, 2020 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Online Webinar

Bob Cummins, Sodak Ltd

This is the re-scheduled date for the webinar that was originally due to be broadcast on 6th May. If you registered to participate and still wish to do so, please re-register using the link at the end of this e-mail. We would be delighted to take new bookings too!

CECA Scotland has commissioned a number of webinars and over the course of the next three weeks and Bob Cummins of Sodak Ltd will deliver a series of three fast moving and entertaining webinars that have a collective title of “Ken yer Bairns”.

The aim of these webinars is to reach out to those who have children or manage/work alongside young people (especially those classed as Generation Z) and to provide a bit of guidance on how to deal with them around the house, but more importantly, to understand the motivations and drivers of the youngest element of our work force and how to tap into their enthusiasm and passion for the benefit of the company and wider construction industry.

Motivation is something we all have and experience in varying degree but what is it and why do some people seem to have more of it than others?

Does motivation differ between age groups?

How can you inspire someone who seems unenthusiastic and what makes a difference to our drive?

Frustrated by either your own or others behaviours?

If you want to know more about motivation and how to make the behaviours you want more likely, then join Bob as he explores these questions and more in a 3-part webinar series:

Webinar 1 – Understanding motivation – Tuesday 19th May at 1100
Webinar 2 – The younger folks amongst us
Webinar 3 – Common questions answered

To join the first FREE webinar on Tuesday 19th May at 1100 please register using the following link: https://glenda904.clickmeeting.com/ken-yer-bairns/register?_ga=2.180056036.1543321795.1589268954-261119166.1589268954